Explore Color Push, a creative escape...online

Introducing Color Push, an immersive online experience where you, yes you, can create and download generative art

Explore Color Push, a creative escape...online

Try the experience here: https://colorpush.wetransfer.com/

Color Push began as an initiative instigated by the team in WeTransfer’s creative studio (the brains, coders and creatives behind our renowned full screen advertisements) to allow for further creative experimentation within the team. Our studio encourages and fosters collaboration, curiosity, optimism and excitement for pure creation.Throughout last year, WeTransfer’s creative studio decided to create an online experience for our users, one that would convey WeTransfer’s branding and include elements of its visual identity in an arresting, conceptual way. They enlisted the help of revered digital artist and coder Zach Lieberman to make magic happen.

The result of the collaboration is a WeTransfer wallpaper (that’s what we call those full screen works of art you see on wetransfer.com) that allows users to spend 90 seconds manipulating a malleable colourful image on their screen. The artwork can the be downloaded and shared with the hashtag #colorpush across social media to create an online gallery of user generated art. The process offers users a moment to zone out from day-to-day tasks and express themselves however they wish.

Zach and WeTransfer’s mutual philosophy is that sharing is caring. “I think part of it is getting to a point where making and sharing work is very natural. You shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on what you’re doing,” he says. “There’s a part of your brain which is full of negative voices, but you need to listen to the other part that is more about intuition and play. We need to reduce the friction between having an idea and putting it out into the world.”

Zach, a self-professed “artist, researcher and hacker” who is dedicated to “exploring new modes of expression and play,” has a lot of experience with experimental, long-form projects. “Those projects can make you miserable if you don’t enjoy the work,” he says. “Rather than a sprint, it’s like hiking a mountain. But with this project, every time we jumped on a Skype call it just felt really magical.”

This magic led to those wallpapers. It had to be simple, it had to be accessible, and it needed to create beautiful images. And did it? Well, see for yourself